BaFin second notice on ICOs
BaFin publishes a consumer warning for ICOs
Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) under German law
A guide to doing FinTech business in the U.S. and Germany
FinTech hub ecosystems

BaFin second notice on ICOs

By Rizwan Qayyum

On February 20, Germany’s financial regulator, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (“BaFin”) published a letter of advice on ICOs. This is the second statement from BaFin on the matter and it provides more substance to how they expect to manage the growing interest in ICOs within Germany.

The letter (an English version is not available at this time) notes that BaFin will conduct a “precise case-by-case examination” of tokens issued via ICOs to determine their legal status and application under current regulations. As such they have stopped short from issuing any sector specific guidance.

The letter is available here

BaFin publishes a consumer warning for ICOs

By Judith Rinearson and Rizwan Qayyum

Echoing thoughts from the FCA recently, Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) issued a formal warning to investors and consumers in general to steer clear of ICOs on the grounds that they constitute “highly speculative investments” that contain “substantial risks”

BaFin notes: “Investors should be aware that a total loss of their investment is possible”, whilst further it added that the huge public interest in the tokens “also attracts fraudsters.” This is very reminiscent of language from the FCA earlier this year.

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Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) under German law

By Hilger von Livonius and Philipp Riedl

The raising of funds for cryptocurrency projects (also called Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs) gain more and more market interest. Although there is no specific and coordinated regulatory framework applicable to ICOs, it is not something happening in a completely unregulated area.

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A guide to doing FinTech business in the U.S. and Germany

“Getting the Deal Through” is a publication that provides international expert analysis in key areas of law, practice and regulation for corporate counsel, cross-border legal practitioners, and company directors and officers.

The inaugural edition of Fintech serves as a resource to help fintech entrepreneurs and their advisers and investors around the world navigate the often complex key legal and regulatory issues on which we are most often asked to advise. Two of the chapters were authored by K&L Gates lawyers.

The Germany chapter is authored by Dr. Hilger von Livonius, Dr. Friederike Gräfin von Brühl and Dr. Thomas Nietsch.

The United States chapter is authored by Judith Rinearson, Robert Zinn, Anthony NolanC. Todd Gibson and Andrew Reibman.

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FinTech hub ecosystems

By Jonathan Lawrence

A recent EY study looks at how the UK FinTech ecosystem compares to that of California, New York, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia based on their status as FinTech hubs. The report considers four attributes in each region:

  • Talent (availability and pipeline)
  • Capital (seed, growth and listed)
  • Policy (regulatory regimes, government programmes and taxation policy)
  • Demand (consumer, corporate and financial institution)

The analysis was commissioned by the UK Government to inform policy and support the sector. It also includes case studies on Israel and China.

The study gives extremely interesting comparative data across the regions and provides recommendations for the UK Government based on the experience in other countries.

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