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FinTech in Canada – Towards Leading the Global Financial Technology Transition
FinTech ecosystem in Singapore

FinTech in Canada – Towards Leading the Global Financial Technology Transition

By Robert Zinn and Jim Bulling

The Digital Finance Institute is a prestigious Canadian-based think tank for FinTech established in 2013 with a mandate to address the balance of innovation and regulation; support initiatives for financial inclusion; and advocate for diversity in FinTech. The Digital Finance Institute also promotes FinTech in Canada through conferences and international alliances; the creation of Canada’s national FinTech Awards; the FinTech Cup, the new university FinTech startup challenge and by preparing research papers on FinTech.

Robert Zinn and Jim Bulling contributed insight and content to the U.S. and Australian FinTech ecyosystems.

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FinTech ecosystem in Singapore

By Nicholas Hanna

The FinTech eco-system is rapidly growing in Singapore with the support of recent initiatives by the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) and the Deputy Prime Minister’s announcement to review the regulatory process for Venture Capital managers. MAS recently announced its cooperation agreement with Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) to explore joint innovation projects on technologies including digital payments and blockchain and collaborate on the development of education programmes/curricula on FinTech. Singapore houses over 300 FinTech start-ups already and is known for being a hub to commerce operating in South East Asia. The government and regulatory authorities have indicated to review and introduce further incentives for FinTech companies in 2017.

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