Lendit Conference 2017

Lendit Conference 2017

By Ed Dartley and Anthony Nolan

K&L Gates sponsored and attended Lendit again this year.  For this year’s conference, we added a Monday afternoon cocktail hour to our exhibitor’s booth, and were able to meet a number of old and new friends in the process.  In attendance were K&L attorneys Ed Dartley, Tony Nolan, Sasha Burstein, Linda Odom, John ReVeal, and Joe Valenti.  Tony participated in a panel discussion entitled “True Lender and Madden Case: Impact on Industry-2 Years In.”  The panel addressed several recent court cases and legislative developments that affect the availability of federal preemption to marketplace loans originated or purchased by non-bank lenders.

We found this year’s conference to be something of a coming of age for the marketplace lending industry.  There was a sense that the industry is maturing, and that was reflected in the panel discussions and the networking of attendees.  We found the conference to be as valuable for the re-connecting with existing associates and business colleagues as for the introductions to new ones.

As we continue to work with clients in virtually every aspect of marketplace lending, we find Lendit and other conferences to be a unique opportunity to interface with industry participants on cutting-edge developments, catch up with clients, and generally stay abreast of this fast-moving industry.  Finally, please join us for Altfi Europe Summit 2017 in London on March 30, where we will be sponsoring and speaking at that marketplace lending event.

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