Bank of England’s FinTech Accelerator launches a new community

By Jonathan Lawrence

The Bank of England’s FinTech Accelerator launched a new community on 17 March 2017 which brings together FinTech-related organisations. The community has three aims: to share developments, trends and insights; to make sure the Bank is engaging with different FinTech firms from across the sector; and to enable firms with an interest in FinTech to network, supporting the development of the sector. Community members will be invited to meet the Bank two to four times a year to share updates on trends and developments in the sector. The Bank will also hold quarterly networking and knowledge-sharing events, and publish summaries of the topics discussed. The list of initial community members is here. Summaries of the topics discussed at these events will be made available afterwards via the Accelerator’s website.

The Bank has also decided on the firms it will be working with for the third round of its Proofs of Concept (PoCs):

  • MindBridge AI: MindBridge’s AI (artificial intelligence) auditor detects anomalies in financial transactions and reports using data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The Bank is using this PoC to explore the benefits of machine learning for analysing the quality of regulatory data input.
  • Ripple: The Bank is carrying out a PoC with Ripple to demonstrate the synchronised movement of two different currencies across two different real-time gross settlement systems. The aim is to show how this kind of synchronisation might lower settlement risk and improve the speed and efficiency of cross-border payments.

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