A road map for UK FinTech standards

By Jonathan Lawrence

New research has revealed the important role that standards could play in helping to strengthen and speed-up FinTech’s development in the United Kingdom. The research was published by the British Standards Institution (BSI), the national standards body of the UK. BSI produces technical standards on a wide range of products and services, and also supplies certification and standards-related services to businesses. The research was prepared by Finextra and gathered insights from a cross-section of FinTech companies, banks, trade associations, technology vendors.

BSI commissioned the research to investigate where standards could best support UK FinTech and help provide leadership in global standardisation following interest from the industry in 2015. This latest research shows there could be a further opportunity to complement regulation with standards, to promote the UK’s position in FinTech. The analysis found a number of priority areas where standards could help promote the streamlining of the procurement and onboarding processes between banks and FinTechs; integrating FinTechs into the standards and language of the financial services industry and providing consumer assurance and the gaining of trust.

To read the full report, please click here.

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