Fintech investment in the UK – a $901m business

By Cameron Abbott and May Giuliani

Investment in fintech systems is becoming increasingly popular globally, but no more so than it is in the UK. Deal volumes in the UK have been growing at 74% per year since 2008 (compared with 27% globally). This digital disruption marks the most major period of change for financial services companies in decades.

According to recent data, the UK alone accounted for $901 million of the $12.5 billion invested in fintech worldwide last year. Five other European nations combined for $1.1 billion. This huge investment in the UK included two of the top 20 fintech deals in the world – Challenger Bank Atom raised $125 million, and peer-to-peer lending platform Funding Circle raised $150 million. Over 60% of fintech venture capital investment investments in 2015 were made into alternative finance and payment services such as Funding Circle, Currency Cloud and Transferwise.

See here for The 2015 Fintech Investment Landscape, February 2016.

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